Kit Specifications


The Cellmid MK ELISA is a fully validated GMP manufactured and CE marked highly sensitive sandwich enzyme immunoassay in a 96 well plate format. The supplied plate is pre-coated with a monoclonal antibody specific to MK and is in a ready-to-use state. The detector antibody is a biotin-conjugated second monoclonal antibody specific for midkine. 

The kit is suitable for measuring MK levels in human serum samples.

General Specifications:

Intended use: The ELISA is for in vitro diagnostic use and not for use in therapeutic
Marker: Midkine
Protein family: NEGF family (neurite growth-promoting factor)
Species: Human
Platform: Microplate Reader
Detection method: Colorimetric
Product size: 1 x Pre-coated 96 well plate per kit
Sample volume: 25µl/well
Sample type: Serum
Assay time: 4-5 hours
Assay sensitivity: 8pg/mL
Assay range: The working range of the MK ELISA is 25-1000pg/mL
Analytical sensitivity: Pleiotrophin cross-reactivity: zero
Kit dimensions (L x W x H): 190mm x 115mm x 125mm
Kit weight (including IFU): 450g

Kit Contents:

Each kit contains the following:

  • 1x aluminium foil pouch containing pre-coated, pre-blocked  Microplate with monoclonal antibody to
    human MK
  • 1x clear vial containing 5µg lyophilized  Midkine ELISA Master Standard (MMS)
  • 1x bottle containing 50mL of Washing Buffer (20x)
  • 1x bottle containing 50ml of Sample Buffer ready to use
  • 1x tube containing 12mL of Detector Antibody Solution ready to use
  • 1x tube containing 15mL of Streptavidin-Peroxidase ready to use
  • 1x tube containing 15mL of Substrate Solution ready to use
  • 1x tube containing 15mL of Stop Solution ready to use
  • 1x vial containing 1mL of MK Positive Control ready to use

Materials required but not supplied:

The following materials are required to perform the MK ELISA but are not supplied with the kit:

  • A Microplate reader capable of measuring absorbance at 450nm (optional reference wavelength 620-690 nm)
  • A Microplate shaker capable of 600 rpm
  • Precision single and multi-channel pipettes with suitable disposable tips
  • Suitable tubes for diluting standards, controls and samples
  • Suitable containers for washing buffer
  • Ultrapure water (at least double distilled quality) for dissolution of the master standard and dilution of buffer concentrate
  • Absorbent paper towels for drying the ELISA plate after washing

Storage and stability of the reagents:

This kit is for single use only and all reagents must be discarded after one use.  Store kit at 2-8˚C and do not freeze.

All supplied reagents should be kept refrigerated (2-8°C). Lot number and expiry date for all kit components is stated on component labels.  Do not expose kit reagents to strong light during storage or use. Do not use expired kits or reagents.

Proper performance of the kit is only guaranteed if the kit components have been properly stored and are used prior to the expiry date.

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